Advanced Funeral Planning

Rom Massey & Sons offer the facility of a pre-paid funeral service. This means that you can pay for our services at today's prices, so that when the funeral takes place, no further payments are required for our services.

Disbursements, such as cemetery or cremation costs, newspaper notices, etc. and other expenses which are not under our control, are usually included in a pre-paid funeral. These costs are not fully guaranteed. This means that if these costs were to increase at a higher rate than that allowed for in the plan, then the family might be asked to pay a balance at the time of the funeral, if it were necessary.

All our pre-paid funeral plans are arranged in conjunction with Golden Charter ( Golden Charter are a leading funeral plan provider in the UK. The money for a pre-paid funeral is placed in the Golden Charter Trust, which ensures that the money paid can only be accessed to pay for the funeral when it occurs, or if the person who made the payments wishes to have their money refunded.