Overseas Service / Repatriation to and from Ireland

Death Abroad:

  • When someone dies abroad, a funeral director in the country where the death has ocurred will arrange all paperwork and flights for repatriation. It is sometimes necessary for a family member to be present in the country when this is being arranged, in order to give written consent for repatriation to take place. We collaborate with the overseas funeral director in order to organise the arrangements in Ireland when the deceased arrives home.

    When travel insurance has been purchased, then the insurance company will often cover the cost of repatriation to Ireland. 


Death in Ireland:

  • We will arrange all details necessary when someone passes away in Ireland, and their family requests that they be repatriated to another country where the funeral is to take place. This usually involves liaising with the local coroner in Ireland, the embassy of the country where the deceased is to be repatriated to, airlines to arrange flights, and often the overseas funeral director. Our services include embalming (usually required) and an airtight or zinc-lined coffin.