Music for funerals

Music during the funeral service -

  • Musicians may be booked for church services. The usual preference is for an organist and/or soloist to sing appropriate hymns during the service. Other choices include string quartets, family friends, folk groups. Some families also book a bagpiper to play outside the church, or at the cemetery or crematorium.

    For Church of Ireland, Methodist and Presbyterian services, an organist is all that is usually required, as the congregation sing the hymns.


Music during the cremation service -
  • When a service for cremation is to take place, whether it follows a traditional church service, or when it is the main service. then music may be played on a CD, iPod, or similar mp3 player. This music can be non-religious in nature, to reflect a favourite piece of music, or song, of the deceased. There is also the option to have soloists and musicians perform music.