Funeral Services


Our role as a family business is using our vast experience to meet the exact requirements of all our customers, providing compassion and care in the arrangements for the bereaved at a time of sadness and grief.

This includes offering you our advice in all the options for the funeral and arranging everything in accordance with your wishes, and those of the deceased, within an agreed budget.

The main decisions that need to be made are:

where the funeral will take place - 

  • Funeral services usually take place in the parish church of the deceased, and then proceed to the cemetery or crematorium. Alternatively, a funeral service can be organised to take place in a cemetery or crematorium chapel.

what type of funeral is to be arranged - 

morning funeral

The majority of funerals consist of the deceased being removed to the church immediately before the morning Service or Mass, and then proceeding to the cemetery or crematorium immediately afterwards.

evening and morning funeral

Alternatively, some of our clients prefer to have an evening removal, which consists of the remains being removed to the church in the evening, for a short Prayer Service, with the mourners returning the following morning for a Funeral Mass, and then proceed to the cemetery or crematorium afterwards.

civil / non-denominational

Another option is to have a funeral without references to religion, or a non-denominational service which can include some religious apects. This type of service is usually conducted by a civil celebrant, and often takes place in a cemetery or crematorium chapel, followed by burial or cremation immediately after the service.


whether burial or cremation is preferred -

Whether burial or cremation is preferred, we will be able to arrange either choice.


where viewing will take place, if required -

This can take place at one of our funeral homes, at a hospital, hospice, nursing home mortuary, at the deceased’s, or family member’s home, or a combination of the above. Wherever you prefer the viewing to take place, we should be able to arrange it.


We will arrange all aspects of the funeral, including -



Preparation of the deceased

Church Service



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